Frequently Asked Questions
Q 1: Tell us about the key points features about your pathology lab that you would like us to emphazise on in this profile?

Answer: K. C. Prashant Path Lab was established in 2005 with an aim to facilitate high quality pathological services and relevant treatment to the rural population in and around Faridabad, Palwal and Mewat district. In the last 2 years, it has emerged as a key centre for rural as well as urban people for availing quality reports at affordable cost. So far the lab has conducted more than 2 million pathology tests across four centers. All our centres are equipped with latest equipments with high quality precision, sensitivity and specificity. We are the only lab in this region which is doing FNAC, biopsy, Quality semen preparation and DNA PCR.

As medical professional, our pathology labs not only act as pure play test centres but also serve the local community by conducting regular health checkup and blood donation camps. In the last three years we have conducted more than 158 health checkup camps and 35 blood donation camps which has helped diagnose and treat more than 5000 patients and collected more than 2000 units of blood.

Q 2: What are the differential factors of your lab that separate you from your competitors? Explain your USP.

Answer: We strive for quality reports at affordable price. We are the only ISO9001:2016 certified standalone lab which follows daily internal quality assurance programme and three external quality assurance programmes from big centers such as CMC, Vellore, VILAC, New Delhi and HELP, Haryana.

We have complete automation of our processes right from the customer registration to generation of reports. We have complete bar coded online system where patient can view its report through SMS, Email or over internet after approval of Pathologist.

Q 3: Your lab caters to 6 major pathology segments: Histopathology, cytopathology, hematology, biochemistry, immunoassay and molecular biology. Tell us about them, and briefly explain your flagship offerings.

Answer: Our lab caters to 5 major areas of laboratory:

Histopathology: : it is the service offered to patients after the surgical operation where some body part or diseased part is removed and checked for the type of disease which can be infective such as tuberculosis or cancerous where we qualify them as benign cancer or malignant cancer with latest staging of cancer.

Cytopathology: This is the service offered to patients with lump in the body whether it is neck, axilla or any other body part. We take the sample from that site by a small needle and after examination of the sample we diagnose whether this is a cancerous or infective lump. We help diagnose, type and treat the patient according the disease diagnosed by us.

Hematology: This is the routine test which include hemoglobin, platelet count, total leucocyte count etc. These tests help the patient diagnose the type of anemia, infection or the dengue diseases. These tests include wide variety of tests which are offered at nominal cost at our centre.

Biochemistry: These are routine tests such as sugar, lipid profile , kidney function tests and liver function tests which help in the diagnosis and prognosis of the patient. They are routine tests which are done with high precision and accuracy at our centre. We offer discussion on the disease and relevant follow up of those diseases.

Immunoassay: This antigen, antibody detection tests. These immunological tests include routine Thyroid profile and infertility tests. These tests are offered at nominal cost and we provide report on the same day so that rural patient can go home with treatment on the same day.

Molecular biology: These tests are used where DNA coding for a protein of interest is cloned using Polymerase chain reaction (PCR). The various types of in situ hybridization techniques and other molecular techniques are used to diagnose thalasemia, hepatitis infection, tuberculosis infection etc.

We are only laboratory in this region which is offering these variety of tests at affordable cost at fast speed with minimal turn around time.

Q 4: What are the latest technologies that you leverage while in the process ? Also what measures do you undertake in order to avoid side effects?

Answer: We do the full automation of the whole process from the barcoding of all the samples collected from the patients to running all the samples on the quality controlled fully automated equipments which send the report in the LIS where they are proof read for any errors and approved by pathologist. After approval report are delivered to patient via SMS where he can show the results to their doctors without taking print outs. This whole process cut our preanalytical, analytical and postanalytical errors. We have minimized our errors to 0.01% whereas international error reported are 4%.

Q 5: Are there any rules/ standard/ regulatory compliances that your company adher to while offering your services?

Answer: We follow strict standards and guidelines with regard to patient samples. We take utmost care from the beginning to delivery of report. We classify these rules into three categories:

Preanalytical: We take the sample of patients in barcoded anticoagulant tubes which avoid preanalytical errors. We properly mix the sample and maintain high standards with low operational cost to provide the patients with good quality reports at affordable price.

Analytical: We run daily internal quality tests on all types of tests done in our laboratory. We ensure whether our machines are working properly or not before running patient sample. We run three external quality assurance programs which ensure our national and international standing. We perform better in all the tests and comply with international standards.

Postanalytical: : After performance of tests, reports are not hand written whereas it is sent directly by the machine into the reporting format avoiding transcription errors which is later reviewed by our pathologist and approved thereafter. The report is then printed and again reviewed by pathologist who again review for any typing, transcriptional or translational errors.

By following stringent standards, internal and external quality programs of international repute we provide high quality reports to patients at affordable cost on their mobiles.

Q 6: What are the pain points that your clients come up to you with ? How do you help them through these challenges?

Answer: People living in rural and semi urban areas are generally not able to afford high quality and compliant pathological test and they have to travel to large hospitals in metro cities to avail these tests at higher costs. We at K. C. Prashant Path lab are undertaking a hyperlocal approach to address their pain points and bring quality health care at their door steps at afforadable cost. Our service charges are comparable to any govt approved health care centre because of our low operational cost and manpower costs.

Q 7: Is there any innovation or upgradation currently happening in your company that might soon be available in the market?

Answer: we are continuously upgrading our equipments to adopt to the latest global standards. We have completed a complete automation of our processes right from the customer registration to generation of reports.

Q 8: Tell us about the recent revenue growth, and the future roadmap of your company.

Answer: We have been growing @50% year on year for last few years. In the near future, we are likely to open a blood bank facility that would not only cater to local suburban areas of Palwal and Faridabad but would act as a regional centre for blood donation and issue in the south Haryana and adjoining districts of Uttar Pradesh and Rajasthan.

Q 9: Would you like to add anything apart from the above discussion?

Answer: Medical Profession is not just about treating patients but is a mean to serve the humanity at large. We at K. C. Prashant Path Lab are committed to serve people. We do give huge discounts to needy people, offer them explanation of all test and make them understand their reports. We do not do random health check up profiles but we tailor make the whole body profiles according to the requirement of patients and their needs. We give them health education regularly by SMS or tele calling. We give them weather health analysis , their own tests requirement and feedback services. We provide them blood donation motivation and organize blood donation camps. We have organized around 35 blood donation camps in last three years where we have donated around 2000 units of blood in govt blood bank for the welfare of the society.

Company founded: in 2005 by Dr Prashant Gupta.

Key person: Dr. Prashant Gupta.

Headquarter and other offices:

Headquarter: K. C. Prashant Path Lab, Opp Civil Hospital, New Sohna Road, Palwal Ph: 01275-246188, 247188

Other offices:

1. Apex Hospital, D. M. Road, Palwal
2. Family Medicare and Heart Centre, D. M. road, Palwal
3. Goyal Hospital, opp hanuman Mandir, Sector 8, Faridabad
4. The Gynae clinic, Sector 8, Faridabad
5. Goyal Nursing Home, Anaaj Mandi, Hodal